Tools for translators


FILI maintains the Kääntöpiiri forum as a virtual meeting place for translators. We also refer people who are searching for translators for particular projects to the Kääntöpiiri directory, so it’s a good idea to keep an up-to-date CV on the site.

In addition to a CV database, Kääntöpiiri serves as a discussion forum for translators.

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Translators’ newsletter

We send out a tailored newsletter to professional translators 3–4 times a year (in Finnish and Swedish).

The newsletter is sent out to all translators listed in FILI’s translator directory (who have published translations or have taken part in FILI’s courses). Please let FILI know if your contact details have changed!

Translation Database

Which Finnish books have been translated into which languages? Who has published Finnish literature in translation in my country, and who translated it? You’ll find the answers in the Translation Database.

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Books from Finland

The archive of this literary journal, which was published 1967–2015, is available for readers online.

Books from Finland