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Cover of the book.

Juha Kauppinen: The Essential Biodiversity: Pathways to the Natural World

In this approachable work, award-winning author Juha Kauppinen links biodiversity loss to climate change and draws a clear picture of the essence of ecological crisis. It takes us from the depths of the ocean four billion years ago to the critical questions of our day. Focusing on specific environments and species, Kauppinen illustrates the interdependence that characterizes the natural world and the reciprocal relationships that weave together the web that we call life.

The book demonstrates clearly how important local diversity is, and how little we still know about the life of the planet. We cannot predict which populations will be able to survive in the coming conditions, and which will disappear across the world.

What sets The Essential Biodiversity apart is that it also looks for solutions to ecological instability. It answers the questions “What should be done now?” and “What I can do to prevent biodiversity loss?” The answers are surprising and provoke fresh thinking.

Kauppinen is one of the leading experts in his field, and he’s written a book for both young people and adults alike who want to understand biodiversity. A brilliant science book for all ages!

Original title: Monimuotoisuus. Siltala 2022, 132 pp.
Foreign rights: Helsinki Literary Agency, helsinkiagency.fi