Kääntöpiiri is FILI’s virtual online community for translators of Finnish literature. The name Kääntöpiiri is a compound word meaning ‘circle of latitude’. It is made up of the Finnish words kääntö, meaning ‘turn’ (related to the word for ‘translate’), plus piiri, meaning ‘circle’. The Kääntöpiiri community is open to beginning and experienced translators who translate Finnish, Finland-Swedish or Sámi literature into other languages.

Other internet users (including publishers from around the world) can search the members’ directory to find translators for their publishing projects. FILI’s policy is to refer anyone looking for a translator to the Kääntöpiiri directory, so we recommend that you create a profile on the site and keep your CV and other details up to date.

Publishers can also link to your CV on Kääntöpiiri in their translation grant applications, and you can use the link when applying for FILI’s courses, seminars and translators’ residencies.

Please note: FILI does not maintain an authorised list of translators. FILI grant recipients are not required to use translators registered on the Kääntöpiiri site, nor does choosing a translator registered on Kääntöpiiri guarantee that a grant will be awarded. Kääntöpiiri was set up in order to create a directory of translators of Finnish literature.

Kääntöpiiri also has as an active discussion forum that’s visible only to registered members. The forum is a place where translators can exchange ideas and ask questions about translations they’re working on and other topics. This is particularly handy when several translators are working on the same book in different languages. Participants can also share information and explanations provided by authors.