Payment of grant

We pay grants after the book has been published and a copy of the book has been received by FILI (at the SKS/Library address). The grant funds will be paid when the book has arrived and the payment request, including mandatory attachments, has been submitted through FILI’s grant management system (beginning with the final grant application period of 2022). The publisher shall provide their bank account details in conjunction with the payment request.

Mandatory attachments:

  • signed government funding agreement. Mandatory for all applicants, with the exception of grants funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers
  • a copy of the publisher’s bank statement that proves the payment to the translator (mandatory)

The purpose of FILI’s translation grants is to cover part of the cost of translation. The publisher must pay the translator’s fee in full as agreed in the translator’s contract, regardless of whether or not FILI awards a translation grant. The grant will be reduced if the translator receives a smaller fee than the amount stated in the application.

Payments will be made from the account of the Finnish Literature Society (Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura).


Send the completed printed book (one copy) to the Finnish Literature Society’s library.

Address for courier deliveries (recommended for packages sent from outside the EU):
SKS / Library
Milla Mäkelä
Hallituskatu 1
FI-00170 Helsinki, Finland

Tel. +358 (0)40 5341 697

Postal address:
SKS / Library
Milla Mäkelä
P.O. Box 259
FI-00171 Helsinki, Finland


Printed books to be sent to FILI’s office:
SKS / FILI, PL 259, 00171 Helsinki


If FILI so requests, the grant recipient shall provide to FILI any and all data and other materials necessary to monitor and audit the use of the grant money.


What if a different translator does the work?
If a grant has been awarded and the translator changes, contact FILI.

What if the publication is delayed or cancelled?
If the project is cancelled, the grant will be cancelled. In any such situation, you must notify FILI without delay.

In the event of any problems, contact FILI ().

Logos and acknowledgements

The published book must contain an acknowledgement of the receipt of a grant from FILI and the FILI logo (or the Nordic Council of Ministers logo). FILI’s support should be mentioned in all your communications about the book. For example, on social media you can use tags #FILI and #filigrants. Books must not be printed before grant decisions are made, because the book must include an acknowledgement of the grant.

Please note: the translator’s name must be mentioned in the book and media communications.

Examples of acknowledgement

ENGLISH: This work has been published with the financial support of FILI – Finnish Literature Exchange. OR [Publisher’s name] gratefully acknowledges the financial support of FILI – Finnish Literature Exchange.

SWEDISH: Boken har översatts med stöd av FILI – Center för litteraturexport.

FINNISH: FILI – Kirjallisuuden vientikeskus on tukenut tämän kirjan kääntämistä.