FILI supports Finnish publishers and literary agents in a variety of ways, such as maintaining networks of contacts at publishers around the world.

Are you looking for support or advice about venturing into the global publishing arena? Check out our website explaining the path to exports: (site in Finnish only)

If you’re interested in literary exports or the work of literary agents, get in touch and we’ll chat! We’re also happy to visit publishers to discuss literary exports and how we can help.

You can search for translators who translate from Finnish or Finland-Swedish into other languages on Kääntöpiiri, FILI’s online community for translators.

We also hold virtual events (‘Editors’ Coffee Break’ and ‘Let’s Talk Books’) for Finnish and international publishers and editors. These events are announced on our website and in our newsletters.

More information: Päivi Haarala

FILI at book fairs

Each year, FILI takes part in major international book fairs, where we facilitate contacts and networking between publishing professionals from Finland and abroad. We also keep up with the latest developments in international literature and publishing. When we travel to book fairs, we take along a selection of the latest translations of Finnish literature as well as contemporary books in both Finnish and Finland-Swedish that have agency representation and English sales and marketing materials.

We also organise events at book fairs in Finland. Our Translators’ Fellowship programme, held in conjunction with the Helsinki Book Fair, attracts translators from around the world.

FILI grants for Finnish publishers

Finnish publishers can apply to FILI for translation grants to help cover the cost of translating fiction and non-fiction books from abroad into Finnish and for Nordic grants to cover the cost of translating Finland-Swedish literature into Finnish.

Finnish publishers and literary agencies representing Finnish authors can apply for sample translation grants to support their sales efforts for Finnish works.

More information on FILI’s grant programme.