Training and seminars

Every two years, we hold a course for beginning literary translators in conjunction with the Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI). Sebastian Musielak, a Polish translator and previous recipient of the State Award for Foreign Translators, will lead the course in 2021.

The course for beginning literary translators is aimed at students of Finnish as a foreign language who have recently graduated or are in the final years of their studies. During the intensive two-week workshop-style course, participants translate literary texts from many different genres and learn to focus on the special issues related to literary translation. Participants also discuss the source texts used in the workshops and contemporary literature in general, and they meet authors and learn about the Finnish publishing scene and working as a professional translator.

FILI works with several other organisations to hold Continuing Professional Development courses for practising translators. Follow our homepage and/or social media channels (Facebook, Twitter) and newsletter for information on our courses.

More information on training and seminars: Merja Aho