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Malin Kivelä, Martin Glaz Serup & Linda Bondestam: If You Meet a Bear

Nominated for the 2022 Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize and for the August Prize 2021 in the category Best Swedish Children’s Book.

Many of us have attended scout camp, wandered in the berry forest or been on an excursion and feared of bumping into a bear. In this book filled with offbeat humor, authors Malin Kivelä and Martin Glaz Serup advise a child who actually encounters one. When faced with such a challenge, good advice is precious. This both funny and informative story is brought to life by awarded illustrator Linda Bondestam’s expressive artwork that captures the contrast between the dangers of the dark forest and exuberant storytelling.

Original title: Om du möter en björn. Förlaget 2021, 32 pp.
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