FILI grant decisions announced 23 March

FILI’s advisory board held its grant allocation meeting online 17 March. We received 105 applications in the latest round, 95 of them received a grant, representing a success rate of over 90% for applications. A total of €150 000 in grants was awarded.

Awarded grants

The top languages receiving translation grants in this round are Estonian and German (8 grants each), French and Hungarian (6 each), Russian and Spanish (5 each).

Kepler books by Timo Parvela got 7 translations grants, Uskollinen lukija (Faithful Reader) by Max Seeck 6 grants, Taivaalta tippuvat asiat (Things That Fall from Sky) by Selja Ahava 4 grants and Ystäväni Natalia (My Friend Natalia) by Laura Lindstedt 3 grants.