The nominees for the Fire Bearer Prize

The nominees for Aamulehti’s Tulenkantaja – Fire Bearer Prize have been chosen, warm congratulations to all the nominees! The prize, established to promote Finnish literary export, will be awarded this year for the tenth time. FILI is involved in the Tulenkantaja prize by offering the winner an export training programme. The training focuses on both theory and practice on what the book and author’s path to the international market is like.

The candidates for the Tulenkantaja – Fire Bearer Prize are:

Merja Mäki: Ennen lintuja (Gummerus)

Aino Louhi: Tähtienvälinen avaruus (Suuri Kurpitsa)

Riku Siivonen: Kaikki isäni tavarat (WSOY)

Noora Vallinkoski: Koneen pelko (Atena)

Satu Rämö: Hildur (WSOY)

The winner will be selected at the Tampere Book Festival on December 3. The prize is 5,000 euros. The winner will be chosen this year by author Emmi Itäranta.