Information concerning grants awarded by FILI during COVID-19 pandemic

Promotional grants that have already been awarded may be used at a later date for a similar trip. For administrative reasons, we will need a new application from you when the new date and programme for the trip have been confirmed. Please notify us of any cancellations/rescheduled trips at .

If a trip has been paid for and cancelled with no option to get a refund, we will not make you repay the grant. If you are in that situation, please get in touch with us:  .

Note: Applications for promotional grants for the autumn can still be submitted as usual.

 Payment of translation grants:

All translation grants have been paid on schedule. Even though our office is closed, we regularly check the books sent in – so you can continue to send us copies of published books in translation in order to receive your grant payment.

If a significant delay in the publication schedule for a book means that its publication date will be later than the time allowed under the grant conditions, please get in touch with us at