Translators’ Masterclass seminar in Helsinki 8.–10.6.2015

As part of the Translators’ Masterclass project coordinated by FILI, seven Finnish cultural institutes in various countries have hosted translators’ groups led by experienced translator-mentors to teach aspiring and emerging translators about the profession.

Now the first stage of the project is coming to a close, so we are organising a major seminar in conjunction with SKTL, the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters, on 8–10 June to round things off.
Fifty translators from masterclasses in seven countries will all convene in Helsinki. Via SKTL we will also have translators who translate into Finnish participating in small groups with translators who work from Finnish into other languages.

Financial support for the early stages of the project was provided by the Alfred Kordelin Foundation, with support for the seminar provided by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, the Otava Literary Foundation, the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation, the Finnish Cultural Foundation and WSOY’s Literary Foundation.