A new mentoring programme for translators from Finnish into English

FILI is organising a mentoring programme for translators from Finnish into English to take place in autumn 2016. Emerging literary translators can apply for a mentorship from June 15th to August 5th.

Producing translations will be the emphasis of the mentorship, in which an experienced translator will guide an emerging translator. The training is free of charge for the mentees, but requires commitment to work. This will be an online mentorship (that is, the mentorship will happen via email and/or on Skype).

During the second stage of the mentorship, mentors and mentees will be invited to a Finnish-English and English-Finnish translators’ summer school in Helsinki in June 2017. This will be arranged in cooperation with The Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters (SKTL) and the Kääntäjien ammattiosasto (KAOS).

Selection criteria
Participants will be chosen on the basis of ability, level of education, sample translations, motivation and level of experience. Decisions will be made by the mentors in conjunction with FILI.

Additional information
Additional information is available by contacting FILI for advice at from 15th to 30th June and from 1st to 5th August. (FILI is closed in July.)

Application guidelines and form (Finnish only)