FILI hosts international editors

A group of seven editors and a literary scout from Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Germany, Spain, and Norway visited Finland this week by invitation from FILI. Organised since 2011, the purpose of International Editors’ Week is to bring foreign publishing professionals interested in purchasing book rights together with Finnish publishers and agents who have a strong international rights programme.

In addition to the facts and figures of the Finnish publishing scene and the latest hot releases, they were interested in hearing about how children’s literacy is supported in Finland by schools, libraries, and the parents, as well as the state of bookselling both in bricks-and-mortar shops and online. After meeting and mingling with Finnish publishing professionals, the guests were treated to a cultural visit to the fortress island of Suomenlinna and to the sauna and a dip in the sea on Lonna island.

International Editors’ Week will be arranged again in 2018, participation is by invitation. Read more about FILI’s work with international publishers here.