FILI supported the translation of Finnish books into 36 languages in 2017

FILI – Finnish Literature Exchange promotes the publication of Finnish literature in translation around the world e.g. with various grant programmes. In 2017, FILI’s Advisory Board awarded grants for the translation of Finnish literature into Estonian, French, German, Latvian, Czech, English, and Hungarian, among many others. All in all, translation applications into more than 30 languages were accepted.

In children’s and young adult literature, translations of works by Timo Parvela and Tuutikki Tolonen were awarded the most grants, whereas Tommi Kinnunen’s, Tove Jansson’s and Kati Hiekkapelto’s topped the fiction list.

In addition to the translation grant programme, FILI also offers financial support for Finnish authors’ promotional trips abroad as well as travel grants for translators. Taking all grant programmes into account, over €620,000 was awarded by FILI to 458 projects last year.

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