FILI translation and production grants 2016

The results of this year’s second round of applications were published on June 9th. Our last round of applications begins on October 1st.

In this round of applications, 265 000 euros was granted to 187 projects. 67 % of the applicants received funding. Those whose applications were approved will received a contract to be signed as per state subsidy laws.

Foreign publishers translating into French, Danish and Hungarian received the most in translation grants, but translation grants were awarded to 28 different languages in total.

Tommi Musturi’s “Suurinpiirtein Samuel” received the most support for comics/graphic novels and it is being published in eight countries with our support.

From this application period onwards, FILI will be reverting to retrospective payments. The funds we give out come from the Ministry of Culture and Education and therefore we will adhere to their new rules and regulations in this matter.

In practice this means that grants will be paid to publishing houses when FILI is presented with the finished book. Equivalent practices are standard procedure in the majority of translation grant programmes and was the case at FILI until 2013.