Promotional grants

Publishers outside Finland can apply for grants to support marketing activities for new translations of Finnish books. Organisers of events (such as literary festivals) can also apply for these grants in conjunction with a publisher outside Finland.

Grants can cover travel costs and partial accommodation costs for an author taking part in a book launch or promotional event. Grants may also be awarded, if there is sufficient justification, for costs associated with things such as virtual author events, interviews, promotional videos or materials for booksellers.

Detailed plans and a budget for the event(s) or marketing activities must accompany the application. The purpose of these promotional grants is to boost sales and media visibility for the translated book in the country where it is published, thereby increasing awareness of Finnish literature abroad.

In promotional grant applications for travel expenses

  • Priority will be given to professional projects that include a variety of activities for the author. Applications must include a programme and marketing plan for the promotional event or tour.
  • Applicants can seek funding to cover an author’s travel costs and part of their accommodation costs. Promotional grants cannot be used for local transport costs, taxi fares or author’s fees. Applications must be accompanied by an itemised budget.
  • Travel arrangements for the author are the responsibility of the grant applicant. Either the traveller or the grant applicant may arrange travel insurance. Grants awarded will be paid to the applicant for actual costs incurred after the applicant has submitted receipts or copies of travel tickets and a report of the event(s) giving details of media coverage, audience and book sales.

Recipients of promotional grants must include the FILI logo on all promotional materials (flyers, programmes, handouts, online publications).

In addition to the promotional grants described above, FILI may also, at its discretion, support author travel not connected to new translation publications, such as appearances by poets at poetry festivals.