FILI offers grants to support the translation of Finnish literature. These grants are intended for publishers outside Finland and are to be applied towards the translator’s fee. There are three application periods per year. Applications are submitted via an online form. Grants are also available for printing costs for comics and graphic novels and for children’s picture books. The publisher must simultaneously apply for a translation grant from FILI.

Publishers outside Finland can apply for a grant to publish Finnish literature in translation if they have acquired translation rights for the work and signed an agreement with a translator. Translation grant applications should be submitted in good time before the translation is published.

Grants are awarded for translating works of fiction and general non-fiction, children’s and young adult (YA) books, and comics and graphic novels from the Finnish, Finland-Swedish and Sámi languages. Grants are available only for works originally published in Finland. Translations must be published in print or ebook format. Literary magazines can apply for grant funding to support the translation of texts for themed issues presenting Finnish literature.

Grants for “relay translations” – that is, translations done from an existing translation, not from the original language – will be awarded only in exceptional circumstances, if persuasive reasons are given.

Grants are awarded to cover part of the translation cost, on average, 50 to 70 per cent. On average, FILI printing grants cover about a quarter of printing costs; the maximum printing grant amount is EUR 1000. Grants are paid to the publisher after publication of the translated book. The grant is valid for 24 months from the date the grant was awarded. If a publisher also receives a translation grant from another source, that will affect the amount of the grant awarded by FILI. For example, books awarded grants under the EU’s Creative Europe programme are not eligible for grants from FILI.

FILI’s grant programmes are funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, and by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Applications must include

  • signed agreement with the translator
  • the translator’s CV/résumé or a link to the translator’s profile on Kääntöpiiri (, stating his/her language skills, education and relevant previous translations
  • a book printing price quote (for printing grant applications for comics/graphic novels or children’s picture books)