German and German-language publishers and organisers of events such as literary festivals can apply for promotional grants from FILI for author visits to German-speaking Europe in 2024.

The purpose of FILI’s promotional grants is to promote the visibility and sales of new translations, thereby increasing awareness of Finnish literature abroad. 

The grants are intended to support author visits to launch new translations or attend promotional events. The grants can be used to help cover the cost of the author’s travel and accommodation. Grant funds can also be sought to cover a portion of the translator’s expenses if the translator is serving as a moderator or interviewer for the event. Applicants may apply for grant funding for multiple author visits during 2024.

Support of up to €2,000 can be granted for more extensive book tours. If the author will be appearing in different locations or at several events, grant funds can be used for multiple hotel nights or train travel between cities, for example. If funding is being sought for a book tour, the application must provide details of the intended scope of the tour, including locations, other partners and potential funders. The preliminary tour schedule and budget must be attached to the application. 

It is important to note that the applicant is also expected to contribute to the costs. The application must make clear how the costs will be distributed. 

  • Applications for promotional grants must always be submitted at least two months before the event.
  • The application must also clearly state the details of the event, such as the date, time and location, as well as estimated travel and accommodation costs. 
  • Applications must include the event’s programme and a marketing plan.
  • Priority will be given to professionally organised projects that include a variety of events for the author. 
  • Promotional grants may not be used to cover items such as author’s fees, interpreters, venue rentals, refreshments, local transport or taxis.
  • The author’s travel arrangements are the responsibility of the grant applicant. 
  • The promotional grant will be paid only against actual, documented costs incurred. 

Recipients of promotional grants must include the FILI logo and It’s Finland Again! logo on all promotional materials. FILI’s support must also be mentioned in all communications related to the visit. For example, on social media, the tags #FILI and #filigrants should be used.

Promotional grants are paid to the applicant only after the applicant has submitted a payment request, including the necessary attachments, via FILI’s electronic grant management system, as well as a report describing the author’s visit.