Translators visiting Helsinki Book Fair

FILI arrangers two large seminars for translators of Finnish literature this week: a seminar for non-fiction translators and the first ever Translator Fellowship. The courses assamble 52 translators of Finnish literature translating into 20 different languages to Helsinki Book Fair.

FILI arranges there two discussions (in Finnish) on translation and the Book Fair’s guest of honour country, USA, on Töölö stage on Thursday 25 October:

  • At 14.00–14.30: Author Johanna Sinisalo discusses her book The Core of the Sun with the translators of the book: Linda Dejdarová (Czech), Maima Grīnberga (Lithuanian) och Lola Rogers (USA).
  • At 15.30–16.00: Finnish literature & US market. How is it going? Translators Lola Rogers, Christina Saarinen and Owen Witesman tackle the subject with FILI’s director Tiia Strandén.

Helsinki Book Fair 25–28.10.2018, have a look at the programme here.