Katja Raunio’s novel Last Times won the 2023 Torch-Bearer Prize

AAL 20231202 Kirjafestarit Tampere-talossa. Tulenkantaja palkinnon sai Katja Raunio teoksellaan Viime ajat. Kuva: Eriika Ahopelto / Aamulehti

Katja Raunio’s novel Last Times (Teos, 2023) won the 2023 Torch-Bearer Prize, congratulations Katja!

The 5000 euro prize was awarded to Raunio at the Tampere Book Festival just now. 

The prize, awarded by Aamulehti, was created to promote Finnish book exports. The prize also includes an export promotion programme for the winner, produced by FILI – the Finnish Literature Exchange. The export coaching focuses on the theoretical and practical aspects of how books and authors can find their way to international markets.

The winner was chosen from five candidates by author Riikka Pulkkinen. Pulkkinen praises Raunio’s novel as a fresh work on a much-discussed theme: how young women are a reserve with ever-changing meanings for both society and other people.

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