Publisher Leena Majander-Reenpää appointed as new director of FILI

The Board of the Finnish Literature Society has selected Leena Majander-Reenpää to be the next director of FILI – the Finnish Literature Exchange. She will take up her new post on 1 June 2015.

Leena Majander-Reenpää has had a long career with Finnish publishing houses such as Otava, WSOY and most recently Bonnier Books. She has been involved in creating new structures for the sale of translation rights. She also has extensive knowledge of the international publishing industry and is a member of several publishing-related committees and boards.

The success of the FINNLAND. COOL. project at the 2014 Frankfurt Book Fair was a giant step out into the world for Finnish literature. It will be great to continue to build on that work,” Leena Majander-Reenpää commented on her appointment.

FILI’s current director Iris Schwanck will remain in her current role until the end of May.