Finnish literature under the African sun – Nil Deniz Cidanlı

Nil Deniz Cidanlı, who lives in Uganda, is working on several translations of Finnish literature into Turkish: Vuokko Hurme’s Right-Side Up, Timo Parvela and Björn Sortland’s Kepler series and Johanna Sinisalo’s The Core of the Sun. Next up is Juhani Karila’s Fishing for the Little Pike.

During her residency, Nilla especially enjoyed hearing and using the Finnish language in the city, as well as Helsinki’s cultural offerings: movies, theatre, Oodi – and the cafés and restaurants.

Nilla also took a weekend trip to her former hometown of Tallinn. After the residency, she will be heading from Helsinki to Prague to complete her studies, but her permanent home is in Africa, where she will return to continue translating from Finnish to Turkish.