Additional funding for the translation of Ukrainian literature into Finnish

This year, FILI will direct additional funding to the translation of Ukrainian literature into Finnish. Grants can be applied for in the same way as for our other Finnish translation grants, with publishers and literary magazines eligible to apply. The grants are intended to cover part of the translator’s fee. Literary magazines can apply for support for the translation of literary texts to be included in theme issues presenting Ukrainian literature. Relay translations of Ukrainian books into Finnish through an intermediate language may also receive grant support if the project otherwise meets the criteria.

The purpose of this additional support is to promote awareness of Ukrainian literature in Finland.

The application periods for grants for translations into Finnish are 1 April–1 May and 1 October–1 November. Application forms and grant criteria are available at:

The additional funding is available until the end of the year. A decision will be made later as to the future availability of additional funding.

The Finnish Cultural Foundation’s Translating World Literature into Finnish grant programme is accepting applications through 31 March. A wide range of registered organizations working in the field of book publishing are eligible to apply. The grant is intended for projects in which contemporary masterpieces of adult world literature will be translated into Finnish and published, especially works from outside the Anglo-Saxon cultural area. If direct translation of the work is not possible, support may also be granted for relay translations into Finnish using an intermediate language.
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