FILI offers grants for translations into Finnish of fiction and non-fiction books from abroad. These grants are intended to be applied towards the translator’s fee. Applications are open to Finnish publishers only. There are two application rounds per year.

The Finnish translation grant programme is intended to support the translation and publication in Finland of high-quality international literature from outside the mainstream. FILI’s grant programmes are funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

Grants are awarded to cover part of the translation cost. Publishers may also apply for grants elsewhere, but the total amount of grants received cannot exceed the cost of the translation. Other grants may also reduce the amount awarded by FILI.

Publishers and literary journals may also apply for grants for translations of Sámi literature into Finnish.

This grant programme may also award printing grants of up to €1000 for the cost of printing Finnish translations of literary works written in Sámi or eastern Finno-Ugric languages.

Please note that in every application round we receive more applications than we can fund. Due to the large number of applications, even some worthwhile applications may not be awarded a grant.

Applications must include

  • signed agreement between the publisher and the Finnish translator
  • the Finnish translator’s current CV/résumé, stating his/her literary translation experience (fiction and/or non-fiction), language skills and education
  • for printing grants for Finnish translations of literary works written in Sámi or eastern Finno-Ugric languages: a valid quote from a printer.

Please note – translation grants for Nordic literature into an official language of Finland are available from our Nordic sister organisations: