©Laura Vesa

J. S. Meresmaa: Maybe We’ll (Feed) Meet Later

The protagonist Aleksi is a nerd whose ambitious goal is to make it to the local e-sport championship games with his friend Roope. After a session not-gone-well he ends up in an ice-cream parlor and meets Nora, a fabulous Gothic girl who turns out to be a 132 years old vampire. Nora is hungry and lures Aleksi in an isolated bunker but her evil little brother Kaspar gets involved and ruins her plans. Nora promises not to harm Aleksi if he in turn should teach her how to play videogames.

This bloodthirsty fantasy thriller, glowing with the immortal enchantment of vampires, holds its grip until the last page.

Original title: Kenties tapa(a)n sinut vielä.
Karisto 2022, 132 pp.
Foreign rights: Ferly, ferlyco.com