J. Sakari Salonen: Five Apocalypses

Lauri Jäntti Non-Fiction Prize 2022.

In Five Apocalypses, geoscientist and palaeoclimatologist J. Sakari Salonen focuses on those dark moments in pre-history when life on planet earth has been wiped out almost entirely and what we think caused them, but also gazes into the possible threats for the future. Can a comet or gamma radiation be the next apocalypse? Is a new ice age waiting for us? Salonen also reminds us that, if human beings can have a big impact on the planet, it also means that the keys to a better future are in our own hands.

Original title: Viisi maailmanloppua.
Gaudeamus 2021, 285 pp.
Foreign rights: Gaudeamus, gaudeamus.fi,