©Otto Virtanen

Tuutikki Tolonen & Kati Vuorento (ill.): Agnes and the Garden of Dreams

A new middle-grade mystery series by Tuutikki Tolonen, author of Monster Nanny series – sold to 24 territories.

Everything began on that one summer day when Agnes enters through the cemetery gate. She had just moved to a boring new town and left behind her old home and friends. She finds a tombstone that has the name Agnes on it – and the same birthday as hers! Starting from that day Agnes keeps having dreams of a girl who hides a key in a beautiful garden. And when Agnes stumbles upon the same garden, she knows she must find the key. But what will it open?

Original title: Agnes ja unien avain. WSOY 2020, 200 pp.
Foreign rights: Elina Ahlbäck Literary Agency, ahlbackagency.com