©Ville Juurikkala

Katariina Vuori: Across the Sea, Towards the Past – How I Fell in Love with a Dead Sea Captain

A fascinating narrative non-fiction work about love, memory and two sea journeys.

In the era of the dreaded great famine at the end of the 19th century, sea captain Fridolf Höök leads a group of Finns across the waters, and over into the backlands of Siberia. The life story of this charismatic adventurer clearly enraptures the author. Through studying the captain’s exploits, Katariina Vuori is cast into the currents of her own past, a youthful sea journey when the open water was her only home.

Original title: Merireittejä menneisyyteen – Kun rakastuin kuolleeseen merikapteeniin. Like 2022, 397 pp.
Foreign rights: Like Publishing, like.fi,