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Tiina Raevaara: Me, My Dog and Humanity: A History of Coexistence Between Species

What does the human-animal connection mean from the perspective of evolution and humanity?

Tiina Raevaara, writer, science journalist and biologist with a PhD in genetics, begins with her own burnout symptoms and how she preferred the company of animals over that of people. From this starting point, the story broadens into a description of the cohabitation of dogs and humans, its history and psychology, expanding to include the significance of living with other animals as well from an evolutionary point of view. The current ascendancy of mankind is, according to her, not a result of humanity’s innate superiority, but a result of its connections and relationships to other species.

Original title: Minä, koira ja ihmiskunta: lajien välisen yhteiselon historia. Like 2022, 317 pp.
Foreign rights: Elina Ahlback Literary Agency, ahlbackagency.com