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Ulla Tuomainen: Sexual Nature – Mate Choice, Sex and Family Life in the World of Animals

Feathers fly, scales dance and horns clash, there is interior decorating of fine nests, gifts exchanged, matrimonies tied and severed. When what is at stake is the passing on of a creature’s genes, all is fair in nature and the array of behaviors is dazzlingly broad. The information in this book by evolutionary biologist Ulla Tuomainen has been peer reviewed, but above all it is a sensible and enjoyable work of science literacy. You’ll never look the same way at the little birds jumping around in your yard or even a barnacle on the bottom of a boat.

Original title: Eläimellistä parinvalintaa – Seksi ja perhe-elämä eläinten maailmassa.
Gaudeamus 2022, 325 pp.
Foreign rights: Gaudeamus, gaudeamus.fi,