Reader’s report grants

The reader’s report grants programme is intended to promote the translation and publication of Finnish literature abroad.

Publishers from outside Finland can apply for grants for new reader’s reports on adult or children’s/YA fiction or non-fiction books published in Finland.

Applications for reader’s report grants are submitted via an online form. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and considered individually. All applicants are notified via email of the decision on their applications.

A maximum grant of €100 may be awarded for each reader’s report.  Applicants must state the fee that will be paid to the person writing the reader’s report in the grant application. More than one reader’s report can be commissioned for the same book.

Applicants must state which books they are commissioning reports on, and who will be producing the reports. If necessary, FILI can provide help in finding a suitable person to produce a report. All applications are handled confidentially and details are not given to third parties.

Reader’s report grants are paid into the account stated on the application form after the publisher has forwarded the completed report(s) to FILI. Reader’s report grant awards remain valid for 6 months after being awarded.

Successful applicants for reader’s report grants must return a signed copy of the agreement sent by FILI as required under the Finnish Act on Discretionary Government Transfers in order to receive their grant payments.